So far this year has been very wet.

Track is looking really good now, Will update with new photo's soon.



We hope everyone had a great Easter.


We had to cancel the vintage race due to weather. Enough already.


Track update. Very wet. How wet is it? It is so wet that It hurts me to go and look at it.



1/11/19 Update

We will be having dirt work starting early spring, All tracks will be closed when this takes place. Stay tuned for start date. Hopefully we won't be closed for more than a week.

First I want to say thank you to Jim Shultz for putting us on the MOVMX schedule for 2 races this year. Be sure to check out MOVMX Rocks on FB for there whole schedule. WWW.MOVMXrocks.com

I will be putting up a schedule as soon as I get it done.

I do have some date that are set. All race dates will be rain or shine unless there is a rain date posted.

There will be at least 2 Grudge race, open ride days this year.

We our also planing a 2 stroke only money race. The money race will be open to everyone on a 2 stroke, No Pro riders. Yes, all year 2 strokes will be allowed. We haven't worked out all the details yet so check back for details. 

If I get enough requests for a 4 stroke money race we will work it in.

Mar 23- We will be having a Spring Fling track day. Everyone is invited. March 30th will be a fall back day if the 23rd gets rained out. If you are not sure what this it please ask.

Apr 7th- We will be hosting MOVMX for a spring race. This will be fun.

June 22- We will be having a Fun day where John Wyatt or myself will be cooking. Vegan's will need a safe place for this cookout. This will be our mid year. Were still here party.

Sept 8th- We will be having the second of our 2 vintage races. MOVMX will be here, It is always a great fun show.

We will be having a end to season cook out just like last year. All are riders and racers are invited. we will just have to work with Mother nature on the date.




Well its just a few day until X-mas. It is hard to believe we are still riding. What a blessing we been given.


we want to tell everyone thank you for the support given to the track in 2018. We want to say thank you to everyone that brought a side dish or dessert to the hog roast and to  thought that showed up and rode the day away, then stayed to have dinner with us.

This Thursday11/29/18. I start back with the NitroArena cross tour. I work until first weekend in Jan 2019. There will be one or two weekends that I will be home. The track will be open these weekends weather permitting.



OK if you’re reading this/following MisFits on Facebook first off thank you very much. I would’ve like to have everyone come out and ride tomorrow if it all possible, if you’re reading this. And plan on staying for dinner we have a hog that is going on the pit very early in the morning and we plan to eat between 4:30 and 5:30 pm,  dark time. Anyone that comes and ride tomorrow or you’re a rider, you are welcome to bring your family and come join us.


Welcome to Misfits MX.

First I want to say thanks all the people that have helped make my dream come true. I wont list you all but you know who you are. Thank you so much.

Second I want to tell you about the name and why. The name Misfits say if you miss a week or 10 don't come back to ride and throw a fit because the track is different. I have the right to change the track when ever I want.  I know some will get it and some won't.

Here at misfits we have 1 long track, a long twisty turny grass track, 4 lane arenacross track and a small figure 8.

We do allow overnight camping. Tent or RV, at this time we have no services for RV's. We do have fire pits all over the property, that you are welcome to use when camping.

We charge $10 a day to ride. If you plan to stay over night please let the gate person know.

As of Jan 1 price will go up to $20 a day to ride.


Know that this site is a work in progress.


I am looking so forward to the race this Sunday.